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Marantz Amp 10 16-Channel Power Amplifier

Reference 16-channel 200 Wpc amplifier. Marantz HDAM, Current Feedback Amplification, and balanced line level input.

Designed to have an immersive sound with a warm, rich tone, the AMP 10 is the ideal power amp around which to build a reference separates home cinema system. Pair with Marantz AV 10 for optimum matching.

One of the few mass-market brands that carefully tunes its sound, a "Marantz Sound Master" has used Marantz's HDAM amplification circuitry to create the musical and immersive sound.

From the classy porthole VU meter to the sidelights that illuminate the front panel, the AMP 10 will bring understated grace to any home cinema setup.


  • 16 channels of class-D HDAM-SA2 power
  • VU meter
  • RS232 control, IR in, Marantz Remote Bus, DC trigger
  • Balanced and single-ended inputs

In The Box

  • Main unit
  • Quick-start guide
  • AC cord
  • Amp-control cable
  • Remote-control cable
  • Speaker-terminal wrench


Power Output (8 ohm, 4 ohm): 16 x 200 W, 16 x 400 W

Dimensions: 17.4" x 19.2" x 7.4"

Weight: 43.7 lb

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